Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This semester in EDU 255 I learned a lot of information that I never considered would be important when teaching. While being a Teacher Assistant for a Cortland Experience class I was able to take extra time with the EDU 255 information and help teach my COR students in a fun way. It is important to hook your students into the lesson, pin-point good activity, demonstrate what you would like them to perform, explain to them the lesson and rules, and much more. While I was teaching my COR class, I made sure I followed these life long lessons. The class loved my activity and learned a lot from what I taught. I played a jeopardy game on wellness. I had a lot of facts that students new the answers too but also had some questions that were difficult for them to figure out. It was challenging but it allowed everyone to be a winner. I was a TA for this class every Monday for the Fall 2008 semester.
Other community services that I did throughout the semester was was collect can foods for an Church around the area that was doing a fundraiser for needy families. I also helped with adapting two families for the Christmas season by buying gifts and helping wrap gifts for the families. Another community service project that I did was rake leaves for a family this fall. They really appreciated our help. Doing community services really opens my eyes and heart. I grow as a person every time I help someone in need. I think as a future teacher I would want my students to go out and do some kind of community services because it Will help them grow to be bigger and better people.