Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lesson # 2 on Orienteering

Within the next two weeks after my first orienteering lesson, I had to teach again. This time I was not sick and was able to speak loudly for everyone to hear. I was disappointed because I forgot to reintroduce myself and remind the class of the safety concerns. Other than that I feel the lesson went well. I had the class get into four groups. I taught them about nature and man-made symbols that would appear on a map. Within these groups I had them do a relay race where they had to run to the middle of the gym and pick up a card that had a symbol on it. They then had to run to the other side of the gym and place the card on to a paper that stated the name of the symbol. Everyone told me they loved the game. The problems that I saw during the lesson was that I had some management time that caused the students to wait for a few seconds. For a good portion of the lesson, all students were active, which I think is very positive. I worked hard at tring to give everyone feedback, but i still have room for improvement. I made a visual aid that was big, colorful, and showed all the symbols. The signs at the opposite end of the gym where hand written, which in the future I would print out. With every lesson I am imporving but also finding new areas that I need to work on. I enjoy have these experiences because I hope that they will help me to become the best Physical Educator that I can be.
One day I went to talk to my professor and found out that what I thought was a lot of activity ended up being all waiting time. I never considered that only having only 4 groups do a relay only allowed for 4 people to participate at a time. At the end of the activity a lot of my class mates came up to me and told me they liked the relay game, so I guess I figured it was a good lesson. In the end, it was not. When I realized this I was very upset and very disappointed in myself. I will never allow that to happen again. I will always make sure my class will be active. No more relays or activities that require a line.
Here is my transcript from this lesson
Here is my feedback form from this lesson

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