Friday, November 14, 2008

My Heart Rate in the Explorer Scavenger Hunt

Here is my heart rate throughout the explorer scavenger hunt.
I was surprised to see how low my heart rate was because throughout the entire activity I was running and this graph shows me being lazy; which was not the case. I thought the instant activity with designing a country flag was really neat. I would have never thought to do that type of task. Whenever I think of an instant activity I think of the students running around. So it was nice to see that you can do different fun activities that don't involve running. The scavenger hung was a lot of fun, but at times it was frustrating waiting for the next clue. I can see myself doing an activities like this again because it got the class thinking of history, being competitive, and having fun. If I was to do the activity again I think i would find a different way of sending out the clues to the groups. Having just one phone with 4 other groups sending pictures to it made a lot of waiting time. I also really liked how the activity involved history. I will want to incorporate lessons from there classroom into physical education lessons becuase I feel activity really helps students remeber information. A lot of students are kinesthetic learners and learn more from doing activities, so incorporating games with history, health, science, or other subjects will really emphasize learning. Whenever we receieved a clue we would sprint to that clue becuase we wanted to be the first one done, but we also would have a lot of rest time when we are waiting for the next clue. Therefore, looking at the graph I would have to say that the activity did not keep me as active as they hoped.

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