Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Feedback is very important for students to hear from their teachers. Feedback allows them to understand areas they need to improve on and areas that they are being successful at. It is important with feedback that you make it go along with the cues that are taught and that you are positive with what you say.
After listening to my transcript, I gave feedback to five students. Two were boys and three were girls. I found that I am pretty even with feedback between the sexes but I usually just give feedback to the same individuals over and over again. Before I listened to my transcript I figured that my feedback was just going to be general, however I was surprised to find out that they were not all general. I was specific and postive with skills that students were performing. It was weird listening to my transcript becuase there was many breaks inbetween each feedback because I was walking around to each group. I liked listening to my transcript for my feedback because it made it very clear to me what I need to fix and how encouraging feedback should be.

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