Friday, October 24, 2008

P.E. Mini Confrence

SUNY Cortland's P.E. Mini Confrence is always a huge success. Many Physical Education Teachers from around the area come to learn new teaching techniques from other teachers. I went to the Main speaker and he was very enlightening. I was very moved by his presentation. I never knew that I was going to see a speaker that is as famous of a physical educator as he was. He has won many awards for his patience and helpful teachings to adapted students. After listening to him speak and watching clips from his life, I was very interested in becoming an adapted concentration. I only hope to some day make a positive impact on others lives like he has. I was so privledged to have seen him speak. For the rest of me teaching career I will think about him and how I want to positively change children's lives like he has. He is an inspiration to all physical Educators.
Before he spoke our class did an introduction to the confrence. We came out saying "We will teach you". It was so much fun and really got us involved and ready for the confrence. I also liked the little activity we did, that got everyone down onto the basketball floor meeting one another. It was a great way to meet future employers.
I can't wait for next years Mini Confrence and I hope to be apart of it more.

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