Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is that MY voice?

Transcripts are a great way to help students learn how to teach. Listening to their voices allows them to know if they need to have a more energenic voice or speak up louder.
For me, I feel that I spoke clearly so everyone could hear me but, I also feel I could have been more enthusiastic about my lesson. After listening to my transcript, I now know what I need to fix, but I was very happy that I did not say "um's" and 'uh's" a lot. Areas that I need to improve on are using more descriptive words when explaining a task and getting more involved in the game. I was just walking around to each group a lot and not being energetic and encouraging to the teams. I would just say a few feedback comments here and there (however, feedback is for another blog in the future).
After I was done instructing the lesson I was very annoyed with myself becuase I forgot to add an important challenge to my lesson. I really wanted to have individual scoring within the group so that there was some competition and more involvement in the activity.
For the most part, I was satisfied with how I taught and I really enjoyed listening to myself on the transcript because now I know how to improve.

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