Friday, November 14, 2008

Orienteering Lab D

On Friday November 14, I taught orienteering again. This time it was in the gymnastics room. It was a follow up to my last lesson on symbols. I gave students different color post its. Whoever had the same color post it was in a group together. Each group was given a map of the gymnastics room that had controls on them. Each control was numbered differently on each map and the groups had to go in the ordered numbers. This prevented all groups being at one control. The controls were the different symbols learned in class. Each group had to be creative and form that symbol. When they decided how they wanted to form the symbol they would call me over and I would take a picture of them. I will be posting these pictures up so they can see each others formations. One control was the Jackie Chan video game. Each player had 20 seconds to play. They would have to run in place and jump over obstacles (which is something that will occur many times when you are orienting). Overall, I think I had a good idea for my lesson and it went smoothly. In the beginning I was a little jittery from running around and getting ready for the lesson. As the lesson went on I calmed down and really enjoyed myself. I did the best I could with keeping an eye on the students. I spoke to students when they were not following the directions. I actually had to have a kid sit out for a few minutes to calm him down in hopes he would stop misbehaving, which in the end he stopped. I continued to go over the safety rules because the room was full of equipment and temptations. At the end of the lesson I had them take a little assessment on the symbols and the cues and then I went over the answers. I feel I took a lot under consideration from my first two lessons in what I did poorly on and tried to improve. I worked on trying to give congruent feedback, as well as keeping more than 50% of the class active. I think I succeeded at that. When the lesson was all done I felt very accomplished and proud of how I did.
Here is my transcript. I need to work on not saying "guys" and "gunna".
Here is my feedback form. I have learned that I need to use the students name more instead of saying guys, or plainly good job by itself. If I said names I would have had a lot more feedback. I am slowly improving however.
At the end of the lesson I gave the students an assessment on Orienteering. Everyone did very well on the assessment.

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